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Painting vs Staining a Deck: What’s the Difference?

Both paints and stains protect wood from decay and damage caused by sun, rain, humidity and insects. However, there are many differences between the two finishes. Do you need to paint or stain your deck? Or, do you just want to update its color? No matter the

How Long Should You Wait to Stain a New Deck?

Staining a new deck can be a little intimidating, especially since you’re probably not sure how long to wait before doing so. A new wood deck will likely need anywhere from two to six months to weather naturally before it can be stained for the first time.

10 Best Deck Screws 2021

You want to have a reliable and sturdy deck, but you don’t know how. From unrivaled longevity to better safety levels, deck screws have proven to play critical roles in enhancing the deck’s integrity. These screws help in boosting the structural robustness and structural reliability of your

10 Best Deck Coatings 2021

As we say our goodbyes to the winter season, now is the best time to give our deck the proper care it deserves with a high-quality deck coating. Whether it’s your pool or your front porch, your deck has probably gone through a lot of abuse including

9 Best Deck Sealers 2021

Looking to put the final touches on your deck but can’t figure out what sealer/stain to purchase? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! A deck sealer is an important part of your porch’s aesthetic appeal, durability, and environmental resistance. It is crucial to have your deck sealed to

9 Best Deck Strippers 2021

If you’ve recently moved into a new house or need to resurface a deck or wooden surface, you’ve arrived at the right place! A deck stripper, if used in the correct environment, can effectively remove unwanted stain or sealer. It’s a common thing to use, but the