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10 Best Drill Bits for Steels 2017

Drilling through a piece of wood is much different from drilling through hard materials. Those bits you use for typical home improvement projects won’t hold up very long when you use them to drill metal and will probably cause you a lot of frustration as you work.

10 Best 18v Cordless Drills 2017

A drill is a powerful tool that needs to be included in any tool enthusiast’s kit – they take away the need for screwdrivers and can perform a variety of different function. An 18v power drill is a particularly popular choice of a cordless drill, due to

6 Best Cordless Hammer Drills 2017

Whether you are putting up a single shelf or are undertaking an entire refurbishment, you’re going to need some power tools to get you through the job. Hammer drill, anyone? The use of the best cordless hammer drill can help you to undertake significant drilling tasks without

6 Best 12v Drills 2017

Taking on a new home improvement project? Looking to replace a dying, ancient, drill? Seeking a lighter weight alternative to A/C powered drills? Whatever the reason you’re looking, a 12v drill can be a great investment. Today’s improvements in design and Li-Ion battery technologies have combined to

10 Best 20v Cordless Drills 2017

A drill is a basic necessity for the homeowner, professional contractor, and do-it-your selfer; however, not all drills are created equal. With the advances in battery technology that have occurred in the past years, you are now able to get a drill that has a long battery

6 Best Drill Bit Sets 2017

There are hundreds of different drill bit sets available out there, so how are you supposed to choose one? While the decision isn’t an easy one (since you want to avoid wasting money on a low quality set), we’ll simplify the process by showing you the top