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Best Fabric Glue 2017

If you’re a crafter or enjoy working on a variety of sewing projects, then it sure is handy to have some fabric-friendly glue in your craft bin. You use it to adhere fabric to fabric, help prevent fabric from fraying, temporarily baste fabric or adhere gems and

10 Best Hot Glue Guns 2017

A hot glue gun – a truly indispensable tool if you’re into arts and crafts. It also comes in very handy when you have minor repair jobs to do around the house. Plus, having the best hot glue gun means you’re always ready to help your kids

Best Glue for Leather 2017

If you’ve ever tried to repair torn leather or glue two pieces together, you probably realize what a sticky situation this can be. There are many types of adhesives available, but choosing one that is suitable for leather projects can be confusing. Whether you need adhesive to

Best Wood Glue 2017

Whether you’re working on a doll house or a real house, if it is made of wood, you need a great glue to get you through the project. The best wood glue will be able to create an effective adhesive to ensure the integrity of the result,

Best Glue for Plastic 2017

Whether you are repairing a small, delicate part of an object, you’re working on a craft project or have an envelope where the stickiness of the strip has faded, glue can often come in very handy. But the best glue for plastic? Which is it? In our