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How to Remove Paint From Brick

Removing paint from brick isn’t impossible, but it does require special attention to detail and even special tools. While it is possible that you can remove paint from brick with the supplies you have on hand in your home or garage, we recommend you purchase the tools

7 Best Paint Stripper for Brick 2021

Paint stripper is famously unpleasant to use, and if it’s not handled carefully, can harm your brick. It’s particularly a concern if you’re using an older paint stripper that contains methylene chloride. You shouldn’t use paint stripper on brick unless you’re sure there’s no lead-based paint on

How to Remove Spray Paint From Concrete

When you’re planning to get rid of spray paint graffiti from concrete, one of the first steps you may take involves using paint strippers on the surface. However, after a few applications and a hard scrubbing with a wire brush, the paint still won’t budge. This is

Best Paint for Rubber

Rubber materials are often used to enhance the exterior decor. Painting these surfaces helps improve your curb appeal, visibility, and beauty. Understanding which paint is suitable for rubber surfaces ensures that you make logical decisions on this aspect. Here are a few elements to keep in mind.

How to Remove Paint From Plastic

Everyone looks forward to having a clean surface. Painted plastic surfaces could look relatively ugly. Things could get worse when the paint is on appliances, outdoor furniture, or step stools. In such cases, it would be best to identify an excellent way to remove paint from plastic.

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry

The drying time of paint varies, depending on various things. However, on average, paint takes between a few minutes and eight hours to dry. The drying time depends on the surface, type of paint used, and ventilation. The method used to spray and the surface preparation will

How Many Coats Of Primer Do I Need?

A primer coat, also known as an undercoat, is an initial coating that is applied on surfaces before the painting process begins. It is a type of liquid coating that gels well with a wide range of surfaces. It is referred to as an undercoat for the

10 Best Paint for Furniture 2021

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a drab, old piece of furniture. What’s even better is that changing the color is way more cost-efficient than purchasing a brand piece, and the fact that you have more control over the color makes

10 Best Brushes for Chalk Paint 2021

For upcycling projects or DIY furniture renovations, chalk paint can help you turn that boring, lifeless piece of furniture into a work of art. Many who are new to this type of paint often wonder what type of brushes they should buy which is exactly what we

10 Best Paints for Metal 2021

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a faded wrought iron headboard or a rusty old bicycle that’s been collecting dust in the corner of the barn for the last 20 years. The key to making that paint job last, however, is by